Friday, 15 May 2015

The Second Book of Dumsor Chapter 3

1 And in those days there lived an irreverent man in the land of Ghana, whose name was Dela who the people called Efo.
2 He was the son of Thywill, the Son of Byhisgrace, the son of Godswill.
3 On the eighth day of the fifth month which was the day before the Sabbath, he journeyed home from the Accra Mall with two companions.
4. And as they talked about the things that had happened in the land, he heard a voice say to him,
5 “Son of Man, thy house and thy neighbor’s house and all the people that live around it thereof are covered in darkness as it was in the days of the plagues of Egypt”
6 and he knew it was the voice of a generator
7 but Efo Dela was perplexed and cast in his mind what manner of madness this should be, “how can it be that I understand the language of Generators?”
8 and the voice said onto him, “let not your heart be troubled Efo, for the fear of Mahama is upon thee and this has made it so”
9  And he trembling and astonished said, “what wilt thou have me to do?
10 but the voice was silent for the generator had run out of fuel and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
11 Then said one his companions Kwasi bar-Adu, “what manner of wailing is this?
12 And the one of them, whose name was Nii, answering said unto him, “Art thou only a stranger in Accra, and hast not known the things that it is Champions League Night”
13 And Kwasi bar-Adu said, “you fool, that is on Tuesdays”
14 then Efo Dela said in a loud voice, the people wail for they have no fuel in the generator and darkness covers the land.
15 “How doth thou know these things”, they asked
16 “A Generator spake them unto me”, Efo Dela said
17 but they scoffed saying, “Art thou not Efo Dela whom the people of twitter call Amegaxi? And art thou not possessed by the Spirit of sarcasm?” and their unbelief was exceedingly great.
18 as they drew near to home, their eyes beheld the darkness and they looked at Efo and were amazed and their countenance towards him was changed.
19 Now Satan, who is the deceiver, had seen the suffering of Ghanaians, he saw how babes were plagued with heat rashes and how the people suffered to sleep in the heat
20 and he said to himself, “The Lord of host is merciful. For in his anger he casteth me not to Ghana but to Hell. For in Hell though the heat abideth forever the fire provideth light but in Ghana they suffereth heat and darkness”