Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dum Raider vs Dum Rider: Battle to Build Rome

When John Dumelo said Ghanaians need to be patient with John Mahama because “Rome wasn’t built in a Day”, I’m sure he didn’t expect anyone to take much notice. After all, Ghanaian celebs have been talking and no one ever listens. Unfortunately for him that didn’t happen. Long suffering Ghanaian youth took to social media and gave him quite the bashing.
Step up Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo’s sometimes best friend and in his own words, “Ride or Die Chick”. She wasn’t having anyone of it and started the #DumsorMustStop Hashtag on twitter. 
She along with some other celebs have organized a vigil and are expecting many people to turn up to protest the worsening power crisis. Somehow I doubt people would have taken Miss Nelson seriously if artiste like Sarkodie hadn’t come on board. Relax, this has nothing to do with sexism. Miss Nelson can’t seem to tolerate views that aren’t in line with hers and has blocked more people on twitter than anyone I know. Besides, how come she was silent till now? Sarkodie on the other hand has been talking about these problems for a while now and interacts well with people on social media.
Honestly, did anyone really expect everything to go smoothly? I was part of the Maiden #OccupyFlagStaffHouse march. Even after we had sought and were granted the requisite permission, they still tried to prevent the march. Police armed to the teeth showed up on the said day and scared away quite a number of the demonstrators before the rain came to drive away even more. I’m not saying the government is responsible for the heavy rain that day but I am not saying they aren’t either.

Anyway, turns out the organizers of the Vigil hadn’t asked permission to use the University of Ghana field. Their plan B, was also thwarted because Total didn’t want to be involved in anything political which is understandable. Then the Ga tradional council petitioned to have the Vigil ‘postponed’ because there’s a ban on noise making before the Homowo festival. Most people suspect that like the rain on the day of the #OccupyFlagStaff house march, Government has something to do with the stance of Ga Traditional council. After all, why aren’t they complaining about the constant noise from Generators everywhere? 
For now it looks like Government or which ever hand is behind the frustration of the vigil is winning as most of the people on social media have a short attention span and quickly move on to some new and more interesting topic. Will people still turn up for the vigil and if they do, will the number be as huge as it would have been if it had come on earlier?
We live to see how this epic battle goes. I for one I'm just here for the laughs. That's how I've decided to deal with the frustrating, never ending power problem in this country.
For now, this is our prayer: