Thursday, 15 May 2014

It's an Itch (Writing Process Blog Tour 2014)

Apparently there’s a blog tour going on and I didn’t even know. I seem to be lost in my own world these days. Tsatsu (@_tsatsu) is the one who passed the baton to me and I had to go tracing the genesis of this tour. I should have known Ozionn (@Ozionn) had something to do with it. 

What Am I Working On?
I've got two blogs. A poetry one and this one, a satirical one. I’ve not written a poem in a while but I’ve got a few satirical post cooking. So much crazy stuff going on these days that I’m spoilt for choices on the satirical front. So many options that I can’t seem to choose. For me poetry is much harder to write than Satire. I need a heightened emotion to write poetry.

What Makes My Work Unique?
I’m not sure if my work is unique. There nothing new under the sun. What makes my work relatable to however is that I don’t force it. If I’ve got nothing to write then I don’t. If I don’t like what I’ve written I send it to the bin. I don’t bother trying to patch it up or revamp it. I either like it or I don’t. It’s either good enough or it isn’t. I don’t bother doing midway. No grays, just black or white.

Why I Write?
It’s an itch that must be scratched. Have you had an itch somewhere on your back that you can’t reach? The frustration! That’s how I feel when I get in the mood to write and for some reason I don’t have the opportunity or time to write what’s in my mind. It just keeps bugging me till I finally write it down then I can heave a sigh of relief.
Writing is a means of relieving pent up emotions. When I write an angry poem I find that my anger dissipates.
I’d like to say something noble like, “I write to cause social change”, but that would be a lie. I write mainly for myself. I’m a bit of an egotists. Nothing inflates my ego more that getting positive reviews for what I write. If I vent my emotions about something that bothers me and it causes some positive change in society that’s a byproduct that goes to feed my ego. I’m only looking to change myself, to be the best version of me and if that somehow brings the best in others then that’s ok.  I not naïve enough to think I can change the world. I can only change myself and hope others do the same.

How My Writing Process Works?
I just keep writing till I want to stop. I try not to be bounded by any strict method. Oh, I'm very lazy at proof reading my own work. Typical hypocrite. I see mistakes in other people's work but never seem to see them in mine. If you see any errors, just leave a note in the comment section.

One Person I’ll Pass This on to?
Terry!! He blogs at economistaTerry Delves and for some reason tends to change his twitter handle often. His current one is . SMH. Over to you Terry
 I'd like to pass it on to Eyram (@Sweyram). She's my favorite lazy blogger but her next blog post will probably come out when i'm 50.