Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fraudster Atta Mensah (Social Media Reactions)

I first heard of Fauster Atta Mensah on twitter from Spoof site @YesiYesiGhana. At first I thought they had made up the story so I laughed. Then I watched the video embedded in the article and I was gobsmacked.  Here was a guy on GTV, the state owned nation, who claimed to be a Nobel Prize Laureate among other things being interviewed. The host of the show took about three minutes to finish reading his credentials. By then, it was obvious to me the guy was a fraud. Then they showed pictures of him working at NASA, another with a robot arm and one in a space suit. I had seen better photoshop done by 15 year olds in under 5 minutes. How on Earth did GTV not see through this? Then someone sent me a link to the Church of Pentecost’s site another to OMGGhana all with the same guy. What the Hell was going on? How could anyone be so gullible?

The video was upload onto the Ministry of Science and Education’s YouTube Page and later taken down but this is 2014. The internet never forgets. It had been downloaded many times.
A lot has been written about this so I will just post the pictures, tweets and facebook post and you can decide. I don’t know if it was down to lazy journalism or what, you decide.You will find a list of all the webpages he forged on here