Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Gh Social Media; the Good Samaritan

Yesterday, March 25, 2014, I read the story of Isaac Coffie a young man who graduate from Senior High School with seven A1s and one B3 and yet couldn't make it into any tertiary institution for financial reasons.

I posted the story on twitter and Facebook and got quite a lot of feedback from people who wanted to do something. In the beginning, the idea was to raise funds enough to get him into school and probably establish a scholarship fund or something of the sort.

 I contacted some friends on how we could do this and started raising awareness. The result was amazing. In the end we didn't have to donate any money. Hopefully, next time clarion call, we will get an even bigger response and people will still be willing to donate.

There were lots of messages I can't share because they were in my inbox and DM. Here is how it went.